Pictures of our house:
This first picture is from the North East corner. Our doublewide trailer points North to South. In this picture we are looking west into our utility room...has computer and sewing equipment.

This next picture is looking a little bit to the left, this wall seperates the kitchen and the living room. One of our many book shelves and a nice piece of art Jimma had painted. The chairs are really our only sitting living room furnature...they were 15 bucks each at a yard sale store.

Finishing up the living room from this angle, we see the TV and Jimma's wonderful collection of items in the glassed in Curio Cabinet.

This next picture was taken in the utility room next to the ironing board. It looks out the large bay window in the living room, see our cat tower, bird feeders, most of our plants, another book shelf, and chairs.

Turning to the right a bit you can see the TV, chairs, and the art Jimma painted for me of Butch the Cat. Behind the curtain hides the kitty litter box and a chest freezer. There is also a door...since none of this stuff is too exciting, we've hidden it behind a curtain.

Turning to the right some more, we look into the kithen and through that to the dining area. Beyond the table is the wash room (they make fun of me for calling it that) and the main door in and out. Next to the table where the light is coming in is a sliding glass door.

Looking into the living room from the dining room, yes, there are a lot of cat toys. The boys are a lot of fun.

From the dining room into the kitchen, sorry it's a bit fuzzy. We've got an electric stove and a double sink, dishwasher, all the most common kitchen items. Most of the shelves are very high making it a pain for the shorter people in our house.

Now looking at the table and into the entry way with the washer and dryer. The sliding glass door really lets in a lot of light.

Now looking down the hall way, there is a bit of carpet there, that's for the cats...usually at night they try and destroy it. The next two pictures have us take a right...then the left to the main bathroom.

Here is a view of Duncans room and his little bed. We're working on finding him a little drawer chest, currently he's using a hanging organizer in his closet for clothing.

This is Danae's room...all she's missing is a desk that we're waiting on from a friend...she just moved and she can't quite get to it now...she'll be able to do homework and such. Not seen is a book shelf and TV stand.

Here is our main bathroom...toilet is to the left...bathtub is a nice avacado green.

First shot of the master bedroom...curtains need a bit of trimming but they were the first ones we got...still have some organizing to do in this room.

Another picture of our bed, Rusty the cat looks down over us.

Along our west wall is our walk in closet, also in need of some organizing, and our 1/2 bath...with toilet that matches the tub.

Also has a matching sink for the toilet.

Here is a view from the outside taken from the street. It has an attached deck although a good portion of it is rotted...the floor is fair the the railings leave something to be desired. Will be fine for hanging decorations off for Christmas.

Here is the other side of the building from the street...the pine and large poplar split the front yard.

Looking East from our Street...used to be a large "Tractor Supply" type store that moved to the other end of town. Now it is a large empty lot.

Our street exit...we're on 50A Ave...there is a 50th Ave...but it's 10 blocks or more away.

Closer view of the deck and the back yard, there was once a large tree here and a fenced in gate. They both have been removed and only the stump can be seen. I often park the wagon over the stump, hard to see as it's mostly covered in driveway gravel.

This is our back yard with a few garden fairies. The swingset is nice but a bit old.

I'm sure you regcognize these...rhubarb and raspberries.

Back side of the trailer, that's our rear facing bedroom window and side yard. The gray thing is the gas meter.

Here is the back side of the deck...with a small path worn in the grass to the shed.

Here is a view inside the shed...currently used to store most of our stuff from mowers to bikes...I will be building a lean-to in the back of this shed to keep our bikes out of the rain but allow them to be easy to get too...that's one of the reasons for the wood.

Beside the deck looking forward towards the street...this is due North.

Picture of my wagon with it's new front tire...not quite like the Radial T/As.

This is our's called a green box and maybe several years ago they were green. Any large packages get put in one of the larger boxes or are delivered right to our door.

Finally, a look back at our place from the mailboxes...the large tree just left of center is in our front yard.