Ben Ayotte's 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT
New picture below of it painted Ford Firemist Metallic
1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

Cool Rear Shot.....AT NIGHT!------>CLICK HERE

The story about this car is pretty simple.  Wasting away a beautiful Maine summer day, looking at used car lots, I walked behind a Pontiac Dealer on my way back to my 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix when I noticed this car parked in a row of other cars.  I've always wanted a Fiero, but over the many years of reading them, I've found that 1988 is really the prefered year.  Well, I looked over the car and a salesman walked by...I wasn't sure if the car was for sale, but it was, having just been traded in.  Well, I took it for a spin, and that was it...the dealer cleaned it up a bit and a weekend later, it was sold and sitting in my driveway.  Here is the ad in the paper for the car, two days before I purchased it.-->Car Advertisement.

The car is a loaded example of a 1988 Fiero GT with 50K miles.  Options include PW, PDL, CC, Cassette with Equilizer, Sunroof, automatic transmission, rear window defogger...a Regular Production Option list is located here for this car---->Explained RPO Codes.

How about some more pictures???


More PICTURES and cool INTERIOR shots


Below is a video tour of the car:

Upgrade #1: Ram Air!!!

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The Fiero's Winter time location: