Ben Ayotte's 1986 Buick Regal T-Type WH1

with a 245HP, 355 lb-ft,  3.8L Turbocharged, Intercooled, SFI V6

Above picture as of 07/01/2001...

More Pictures:

Car Show Pictures     New Pictures of my Buick      B&W Photos     Winter Storage

I purchased this car in July of 1997 with 59,550 miles on it.  I found it for $4000 in my own home town.  For more info on the car's past and the owner,it's here.  It is mostly stock with a few modifications and future stuff  to basic items. ***It has all factory options with the exclusion of a block heater, the factory security system, and no AL brake drums on the factory posi***  The car currently has 77,777 miles.

Here are New Interior Pictures with 4 aftermarket gauges and a console application kit.

Regular Production Option (RPO) Codes on this CAR (explained)

The Source for Turbo Regal info: THE TURBO REGAL WEB PAGE

Below is a video tour of my car:

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