1977 Chevy Nova

First owned by my Aunt and Uncle.  From my aunt: 
"It truly was a great car. My mechanic brother Clarence picked it out for me. It was also the first new car I bought and paid for myself, $130.00 a month"

1977 Chevy

It photographed very well...the side molding is a little lame though.

This car was purchased from my aunt by my dad.  At the time it was all red and starting to rust.  Dad bought the car to pull our sailboat.  It did a very good job of it with its 5.0L V8 with 140hp but gobs of torque.  Dad also used it with the 81 Buick Regal to drive to work.  After much use, the front end and exhaust system needed some work, and along with insurance and registration, no longer was cost effective to drive and was parked. These pictures show the Nova being ready to be taken away by some man who wanted it.

Dad repainted it a bright red with the white along the bottom.  Most of the trim was painted back.  Even six years later, it still looks pretty good for having sat in wet grass for about two years.

It is unknown where the car is now.  At the end, it had about 150,000 miles on the original motor and still ran great..